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Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructor Amy

Amy       View Schedule

Amy teaches a core strength vinyasa class starting with a mediation in the beginning and ending with a shavasana at the end of the class. She provides modifications for all poses. Her goal is to have people leaving her class feeling better than when they walked in. Amy enjoys encouraging her clients to breathe, stay centered and live in the present moment as they go amongst their busy days. She loves spreading knowledge and encouraging the belief in intentions. Amy finds it very important to pass on what she has learned to make others feel good and spiritual.

Yoga Instructor Marisa

Marisa       View Schedule

For the past 14 years, Marisa has dedicated her life to fitness. She first started her journey by receiving a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and a Masters degree in Health Education. After completing her collegiate education, Marisa went on to become certified as a group fitness instructor in 2009 through AFAA. She then received her Spin certification through Mad Dogg and Schwinn just a few years later. Marisa received her latest certification at Barre Above with a Pilates focus in 2019. Through the years, Marisa has taught several different formats in her classes and is versatile in various forms of exercise. Additionally, Marisa has also been a Physical Education Teacher for the last 14 years and is currently teaching at an elementary school in Queens. With her energetic and excited persona, Marisa strives to motivate and inspire all of her clients and students by teaching them that fitness and wellness is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Marisa is originally from Floral Park but now lives in Merrick with her husband and 3 children.

Yoga Instructor kathleen

Kathleen       View Schedule

Kathleen received her 200-Hour Teacher training through Fred Bush Power Yoga at Yoga-Nanda studio in Garden City. Prior to finding yoga, Kathleen worked in the corporate world of video game publishing and then started her own personal organizing business and was fortunate enough to meet many beautiful people along the way including spiritual teachers. It was while she worked with one such professional that she discovered there was so much more to learn about the beauty of life and began on that journey and hasn’t stopped since.

Yoga Instructor tarah

Tara       View Schedule

Tara has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. Starting with Spin and became certified with Mad Dogg Athletics. Through an injury, she found the wonderful benefits of Pilates work and have been teaching mat classes since 2004 and is now certified in Power Pilates. Tara has been teaching Barre classes for about four years and went to Beyond Barre for teacher training. Over the years, Tara has seen first hand how exercise can change a person; in the physical form and also shape them mentally into strong, focused and self confident individuals.

Yoga Instructor toni

Toni       View Schedule

Yoga is a true passion of Toni's; she has been teaching it for 8 years. She loves to see people receive the gifts that yoga has to offer. In today’s society stress is a constant, yoga can help us to distance ourselves from these stresses. Through asana and pranayama, we can transform the body, mind and soul.

Yoga Instructor veronica

Veronica       View Schedule

Veronica is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Her passion for yoga lead her to achieve certification in both & Prana Shakty Flow from the Long Island School of Yoga and Restorative Yoga from Laughing Lotus yoga studio in NYC. She is also certified in the Usui System of Reiki Healing Levels I & II. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to make sure her students achieve a state of overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as they leave the class and that eventually they are able to apply their yoga practice on the mat into their everyday lives.

Yoga Instructor meredith

Meredith       View Schedule

In 2012, Meredith initially attended yoga classes to prevent running-related injuries while preparing to run her first half marathon. As Meredith’s yoga practice progressed, she learned to focus her mind inward amidst distractions on and off of the mat, which led to a more centered and peaceful existence. Yoga greatly enhanced Meredith’s life, and she believed that it could greatly enhance the lives of others as well. As a result, Meredith enrolled in the YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training program in New York City, from which she graduated in March 2015. Meredith’s classes focus on proper alignment, listening to the breath, and linking breath to movement.

Yoga Instructor rosemary

Rosemary       View Schedule

Rosemary is a registered nurse, and a busy mother of three girls. She was introduced to yoga by a friend, and took her very first yoga classes here at Body Works. After a couple of classes, she knew yoga was just what she was looking for. It was a quiet time to go within, an escape from busy life. After each yoga class she took, she noticed many positive effects it had on her life. She decided that she wanted to help others learn how to slow down and go within. She went on to earn her 200RYT certification at the Yoga and Polarity Center in Malverne. Her intention in her classes, is for her students to feel renewed and replenished in their mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Instructor marci

Marci       View Schedule

Marci’s classes are designed around a sense of self-awareness, for both the mind and the body. We enter each class with a virtual scan of the self’s unchartered territory, using imagery as a guided tool. Her goal is to help assist each practitioner on their journey to meet their barriers, both physically and mentally, encouraging light and movement to open up a new pathway that enables them to press forward with their workout and their lives.

Yoga Instructor lorriane

Lorriane       View Schedule

Lorraine began her yoga practice over six years ago as a means to alleviate tightness and stress in her body as a result of a 30 year career as a Court Reporter. When she retired in 2014, she was drawn more and more to her mat. With a desire to deepen her personal practice, she enrolled in Yoga Nanda Garden City's 200 hour teacher training program and graduated from the program in March 2017. In addition, she also completed a Level One Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery training program. She is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. Lorraine hopes to bring a focus on being mindful both on and off the mat.

Yoga Instructor dana

Dana       View Schedule

Dana has practiced yoga for many years, but yearned for a deeper understanding of the practice and why it helped her to feel more centered. She has completed a 300 hour teacher training at Yoga Flow Studio in Glen Head and is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. Dana is a Licensed Massage Therapist, which reflects her keen interest in alignment and the body’s muscle system. Dana has found that yoga helps to ground her in her massage work and to be a more compassionate and grateful human being. She hopes to share her skills, experience and that sense of gratitude with her students.

Yoga Instructor lora

Lora       View Schedule

Lora was instantly hooked to the physical challenge of yoga. Growing up as a dancer and then going on to professionally dance for 6 years, she found yoga as a release of stress. It was a space free of judgement, comparison or any expectation. She went on to receive her 200 HR training in Costa Rica. She is so excited to share a space of growth and exploration of each individuals practice. Her class is flow inspired geared towards all levels, incorporated with soul grooving music. Her goal is to inspire and connect with as many yogi’s to provide them with the tools they need to lead a positive, mindful and self-loving journey on and off the mat.

Yoga Instructor Meaghan

Meaghan       View Schedule

Meaghan is a second-year English Master's student at Fordham University. She started teaching exercise classes as an undergraduate at Providence College and is currently certified in Sports Yoga, Spinning, and Group Exercise. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and going to the beach.

Yoga Instructor Olga

Olga       View Schedule

Olga started practicing yoga after sustaining a gymnastics injury. She found that yoga was a great alternative physical activity because of its low-impact qualities. She was certified through Prana Shakti Flow 200 hr yoga training at Long Island Yoga School. She also has a restorative yoga certification from Breathe N Flow Yoga. She has been teaching yoga 6 years and loves how rewarding it is to see yoga help the lives of her students. She is studying to be an occupational therapist and has acquired extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology through graduate course work. In addition Olga is certified in personal training, Pilates, and competes in women’s fitness/ body building competitions.

Yoga Instructor Elena

Elena       View Schedule

Elena is a New York yogi and serves with passion and creativity! Her love for movement began with dance performing and competing for 15 years. In 2009 she was in a severe car accident and came across her first yoga class. Ever since it has made an immense impact in her life – healing the endured physical, mental and emotional trauma. In 2017, Elena traveled abroad to Thailand to complete her 200h yoga teacher training to dive deeper into the yogic lifestyle. Most recently in 2019, Elena received her 85h pre/post-natal yoga certification. Her mission is to encourage an open mind and open heart. To relieve tension in ourselves and move mindfully, breathe deeper and live consciously - inviting abundance of self love, solace and gratitude to flow through these spaces with create within.

Yoga Instructor Rachel

Rachel       View Schedule

Rachel Nitzani is a certified Pilates teacher. Her teaching career spans nearly two decades of dance, pilates, yoga and fitness training. She has a broad and intricate knowledge of the Pilates technique and form. In addition she is an avid yoga goer. Rachel is a former dancer and a graduate of the Royal Ballet Academy in Milan, Italy