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Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructor Amy

Amy       View Schedule

Amy teaches a core strength vinyasa class starting with a mediation in the beginning and ending with a shavasana at the end of the class. She provides modifications for all poses. Her goal is to have people leaving her class feeling better than when they walked in. Amy enjoys encouraging her clients to breathe, stay centered and live in the present moment as they go amongst their busy days. She loves spreading knowledge and encouraging the belief in intentions. Amy finds it very important to pass on what she has learned to make others feel good and spiritual.

Yoga Instructor Marisa

Marisa       View Schedule

For the past 14 years, Marisa has dedicated her life to fitness. She first started her journey by receiving a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and a Masters degree in Health Education. After completing her collegiate education, Marisa went on to become certified as a group fitness instructor in 2009 through AFAA. She then received her Spin certification through Mad Dogg and Schwinn just a few years later. Marisa received her latest certification at Barre Above with a Pilates focus in 2019.

Yoga Instructor tarah

Tara       View Schedule

Tara has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. Starting with Spin and became certified with Mad Dogg Athletics. Through an injury, she found the wonderful benefits of Pilates work and have been teaching mat classes since 2004 and is now certified in Power Pilates. Tara has been teaching Barre classes for about four years and went to Beyond Barre for teacher training. Over the years, Tara has seen first hand how exercise can change a person; in the physical form and also shape them mentally into strong, focused and self confident individuals.

Yoga Instructor meredith

Meredith       View Schedule

In 2012, Meredith initially attended yoga classes to prevent running-related injuries while preparing to run her first half marathon. As Meredith’s yoga practice progressed, she learned to focus her mind inward amidst distractions on and off of the mat, which led to a more centered and peaceful existence. Yoga greatly enhanced Meredith’s life, and she believed that it could greatly enhance the lives of others as well. As a result, Meredith enrolled in the YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training program in New York City, from which she graduated in March 2015. Meredith’s classes focus on proper alignment, listening to the breath, and linking breath to movement.

Yoga Instructor marci

Marci       View Schedule

Marci’s classes are designed around a sense of self-awareness, for both the mind and the body. We enter each class with a virtual scan of the self’s unchartered territory, using imagery as a guided tool. Her goal is to help assist each practitioner on their journey to meet their barriers, both physically and mentally, encouraging light and movement to open up a new pathway that enables them to press forward with their workout and their lives.

Yoga Instructor Meaghan

Meaghan       View Schedule

Meaghan is a second-year English Master's student at Fordham University. She started teaching exercise classes as an undergraduate at Providence College and is currently certified in Sports Yoga, Spinning, and Group Exercise. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and going to the beach.

Yoga Instructor Olga

Olga       View Schedule

Olga started practicing yoga after sustaining a gymnastics injury. She found that yoga was a great alternative physical activity because of its low-impact qualities. She was certified through Prana Shakti Flow 200 hr yoga training at Long Island Yoga School. She also has a restorative yoga certification from Breathe N Flow Yoga. She has been teaching yoga 6 years and loves how rewarding it is to see yoga help the lives of her students. She is studying to be an occupational therapist and has acquired extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology through graduate course work. In addition Olga is certified in personal training, Pilates, and competes in women’s fitness/ body building competitions.

Yoga Instructor Nic

Nic       View Schedule

Nic is a Hairstylist by trade, in 2016 Nic suffered a back injury that started his journey into spirituality. This is where he became a Buddhist, learning in the way of mindful meditation. Around that time, Nic started taking yoga classes and reiki sessions to cope with his back pain. In 2019 Nic became a Reiki Practitioner following the standard discipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho and in 2021 becoming a 200-RYT yoga instructor. In his yoga classes, Nic will infuse all he has learned in his spiritual approach to yoga. For him, it’s more than the physical body, but the connection to the Mind, the Breath, and the Body. Some of Nic’s favorite yoga practices are Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin yoga.

Yoga Instructor Archer

Archer       View Schedule

Archer is 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified with a focus on creating a strong foundation for his students to build upon. He leads with mindful movement and conscious breath to bring balance to the body. There is a big emphasis on slowing down and finding the correct alignment in Archer's classes. An Usui Reiki Master, Archer connects his spiritual teachings with everything he does including yoga. He offers space for his students to explore the subtle energetic layers within the practice, allowing yoga to enrich their life beyond the mat.

Yoga Instructor Emily

Emily       View Schedule

Emily is a freelance photographer and yoga teacher at a private school on Long Island, NY. She began practicing yoga and meditation in late 2005 while going through some anxiety and health issues. Feeling an instant connection with the philosophy of yoga, she implemented a practice into her weekly schedule.
Emily began studying Kripalu and Hatha styles of yoga, focusing on the mind body connection and deepening her spiritual practice. While living in Florida, she received her Level I Reiki attunement as well as went on to receive her 200 hour RYT certification in 2015. Later in the year she attended a Karma yoga training with the Christina Phipps Foundation, gaining a certification to teach patients living with or recovering from breast cancer.

Yoga Instructor Dianna

Dianna       View Schedule

Dianna Baritot has been practicing yoga since her teen years; she discovered the practice through theatre and has used it to improve physical fitness, mental focus, and balance (in all senses of the word).
After exploring careers in the performing arts and education, she decided to combine her love of teaching with her love of yoga to become an instructor.

Yoga Instructor Marie

Marie       View Schedule

Marie is an accountant and real estate agent but found her passion in yoga. She first discovered yoga many years ago while looking for an at-home fitness regimen. When she brought her practice into a yoga studio, she realized the spirituality of yoga and enjoyed the positive effects it had on her, both physically and emotionally. After seeing her daughter become a yoga instructor, she believed she could do the same and completed her own 200-hour YTT in 2019. They now enjoy practicing together. With focus on the breath, alignment and body awareness, she guides her students through their practice with the goal of feeling more connected to their mind, body and spirit.